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About the Cleveland Cultural Gardens

The Cleveland Cultural Gardens are a collection of public gardens located in Rockefeller Park in Cleveland, Ohio. The gardens are situated along East Boulevard & Martin Luther King Jr. Drive within the 276 acre of wooded parkland on the city's East Side. In total, there are 31 distinct gardens, each commemorating a different ethnic group whose immigrants have contributed to the heritage of the United States over the centuries, as well as Cleveland.

  • 29 plus cultural gardens. 120 ethnic groups represented.
  • 250 acres Rockefeller Park.
  • Peace through mutual understanding.
  • Celebrating 100 years.

About the Lebanese Cultural Garden

The Cleveland Cultural Gardens (CCGF) announced on November 20, 2012 the acceptance of the American Lebanese Community Council as a sponsoring Organization within the CCGF toward working and developing of the Lebanese Cultural Garden.

We need your support for establishing the Lebanese Cultural Garden, your involvement is very important in developing this great project.

Lebanese Flag in Flowers


ALCC - American Lebanese Community Council

American Lebanese Community Council


  • Chairperson: Nisreen Khazaal
  • Co-Chair: Rima Muakassa
  • Member: Vera Hatem
  • Member: Lisa Salwan
  • Member: Blanche Salwan
  • Member: Zahra Jishi
  • Member: Jad Bedran
  • Member: Amy McDonald

Design Committee Goal

  • Provide a design narrative.
  • Design a professional, achievable plan for a safe, visible, sustainable and welcoming garden.
  • Get concept approval before mid November
One World Day

The Narrative

A place of pride for all Lebanese. A welcoming place for all who are passing by.

Ahlaan. It is one word to guide one simple concept, the tradition of the Lebanese to welcome. It goes back centuries as Lebanon welcomed the east to the west and the west to the east and remains a theme today. Simple and modern, the new garden will welcome visitors with an allure to all those passing by via car, bicycle, or on foot. It is through the atmosphere of the garden that visitors will begin to understand a bit of the Lebanese culture and leave wanting to learn more.

  • HISTORY The culture of Lebanon and that Lebanese people emerged from various civilizations over thousands of years..
  • GATEWAY/BEACON Europe’s gateway to Western Asia as well as Asia’s gateway to the Western World. Symbolized through passage ways.
  • CULTURE / HOSPITALITY Art and intellectualism. A culture of hospitality. Offer comforts, a place for conversation to visitors.
  • CONTRADICTION Modern and ancient. City and country. From building to mountains, water and trees.

Garden Design 2

How this Transfers to Design

  • Iconic cedar statue with layers and dimension
  • Story Board
  • Cedar Grove
  • Living learning room
  • Seating
  • Lighting


Transitional passageway. Welcoming, with the potential for story telling or donor recognition.

Garden Walkway & Seating
Garden Walkway & Seating

Garden Walkway & Seating
Garden Walkway & Seating
Garden Walkway & Seating

Story Board Wall

The experience across the garden takes you from the sea –Phoenicians-to the woodland –tree- to the mountains

Story Board Wall
Story Board Wall
Story Board Wall
Story Board Wall
Story Board Wall

Garden Rendering
Garden Rendering

Stephen Manka

Stephen Manka
Stephen Manka
Stephen Manka
Stephen Manka
Stephen Manka